Rama Samudrala


"It's not who you are but who you want to be that matters."

Saffron Global Corp is growing from strength to strength since our inception and is driven by the dynamic leadership of our Managing Director, Rama Samudrala.  He is an Entrepreneur, Sales and Leadership Coach, Business Mentor who has helped and coached numerous people in sales and set up successful business units internationally. 

Rama is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology from University of Wollongong, Australia. He joined a sales and marketing company in Sydney, Australia in between jobs to gain some experience in a customer interaction role and to improve his communication and people skills. As he didn't have any prior experience in sales, the initial few weeks were very challenging but he developed the skills required with the coaching and guidance of his senior team members, and the learning and development program within the company.  

He was mentored over a period of 2 years in various aspects of running a successful marketing business vis-a-vis sales, marketing, team building, leadership, recruitment, administration and business finance.

Ever since the inception of Saffron Global Corp., Rama and his young team of aspiring entrepreneurs have worked aggressively towards building and expanding the business internationally. 

The journey of the organisation so far is nothing short of extraordinary. The team at Saffron Global Corp. offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in sales, marketing, leadership development, recruitment and business management.


We are all working towards our VISION 2022, to develop 100 entrepreneurs who can run independent offices globally. If you are some one who is aspiring to be an entrepreneur, this is the opportunity for you to make your dreams come true.

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