Frequently Asked Questions

I am a fresh graduate and no experience. What can I expect?

We have lot of success stories where fresh graduates started with us and thrived. Whether you are looking for a short term or a long term career path you can expect the following:

  • Improve your communication and interpersonal skills

  • Boost in Self Confidence

  • Good Work Ethics

  • Practical applied knowledge in Sales, Marketing and Leadership

  • Confident in Public speaking

  • Work with a fun and young team.

  • Improved Leadership skills

I am a Fresh Graduate. Do I still have opportunities for Career advancement?

100%. As a Business Associate we don’t discriminate whether you are a Fresh Graduate or someone with experience. As long as you have hit the performance standards in our company then you are entitled for your Career Advancement. Find out more regarding Career Advancement during your appointment.

I don't like Sales and Marketing but I am interested in Management. Can I still work as a Business Associate?

Everyone in our company starts in Sales and Marketing and work towards Management role. That is where you learn your practical knowledge so that in Management you can teach that to your team, even our Managing Director started in Sales and Marketing. Many people don’t like Sales and Marketing but if it is for Short term why not?


Can I work with the company short term ?

We are flexible as a company. Some of our Business Associates work with us short term and some long term. Please speak to the HR team regarding this during your interview.


Do I need to pay for the training provided by the company?

No. We take pride in provide the best training for our Business Associates and we provide it for free.


Do I need to have Marketing or Business Experience?

Not really. If you have any relevant Marketing or Business experience then it can be an added advantage but it is not necessary because we provide complete in house training for our Business Associates and also a personal trainer to assist you.


Does your company provide travelling opportunities?

Yes we do, both domestic and international. Travelling a big part of our work culture, it helps our team get new ideas and enhance skills.

I saw some negative things about the company online?

Every individual has a right to express their own opinion online. We are not a perfect company. We work with the best of the best clients globally and that says a lot about who we are as a company. Either you can read online something by someone (you don’t even know who they are) or you can come and find out more information and the truth. You can believe what you see through your own eyes.