Are You Ready?

When I first completed my engineering, I got placed in one of the big MNC’s in the software industry. Was I job ready then? Well the answer to this is a BIG, BIG NO. I had ‘zero’ knowledge of the technical side and had gotten through the interviews only because of my communication skills.

It was then that I realized that what I learnt so far didn’t really add much value, all I had was this certificate and a gateway to a whole new world but very little knowledge of what it would demand of me. I also understood that it was the life skills imparted by my school - communication skills, creative skills, the opportunity to be a leader, the opportunity to get on stage to sing or dance is what was going to make me successful and not the technical jargon that I mugged up in a day and reproduced on my answer sheets. I was lucky to have studied in a school that genuinely focused on the overall development of the child and not those schools that cage children up from morning to night and get them to mug up questions and answers.

I wanted to do a lot more than just than just programming for a whole year. I wanted to be free to learn and explore, I wanted to be free to lead. I knew I was ready for it. But are today’s youth ready? The answer for most of them is a sad NO for the fact that they lack the drive and the skillset it takes for one to become successful.

I am ever grateful to my school and this company Saffron Global Corp that gave me an opportunity to learn every day, to hone my leadership skills and to be able to add value with the work I do.

From my many interactions with interviewees what I realized is neither do they have the technical or conceptual knowledge nor the communication and leadership skills. What’s worse is that they do not realize or see it and are blinded by the fact that they have an education certificate and assume that that’s what is going to make them successful.

If you are one of them, here’s a BIG SHOUT out to you. Wake up and see that the big bad corporate world is changing and so are its demands. You don’t want to be left behind and hence open up and start learning. Develop the right skillset that’s going to make you successful irrespective of the field you choose.

Saffron Global Corp is the place where I learnt a lot of technical skills, it is here where I actually honed my public speaking skills and completely got over the fear of speaking in front of a crowd. I learnt how to interview people and evaluate them. Today I can very proudly say I am no more scared of addressing a crowd no matter how big or small. Saffron Global Corp will always be my best teacher and I will always celebrate the fact that I chose to join this company instead of the ‘prestigious’ software firm where I’d probably still be programming my way through things instead of travelling the country sharing my knowledge and training people. I am always ready now and I know I will be very successful in life.

Are you Ready?
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