Fun @ Work

Imagine your childhood with your days filled with study, study, study and no play. I'm sure you would hate that kind of a childhood. We heard of the saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Be it running through the streets playing hide and seek, gilli danda, marbles, badminton, kabbadi or cricket these were the things we cherish in our lives and friendships. If not for this we wouldn't grow up to be healthy, stable adults.

Move the clock forward to the present, why should we only work and work till we drop and have no play at all? Most companies emphasise on work, deadlines, output, productivity etc. What they fail to acknowledge is that by spending a little time on fun and play or giving their employees a chance to pursue their hobbies and other interests while at work will only increase the productivity ten folds because they will have a Happy Employee working and not a Stressed Employee.

If a company allows every employee to use atleast an hour of their day on healthy sporting or creative activity everyday it will lead to a much happier workforce.

There are many better ways to deal with low performers like getting them to do something funny to entertain everyone or giving out funny awards in front of everyone rather than just shouting or screaming at them will lead to more people putting 100% effort in completing their tasks before the deadlines and with a high quality output.

This will lead to a very high retention rate. Human's are emotional beings and it is the emotion and the love and care that will retain them and create loyalty.

Remember, it's not always about the money, honey!

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