Leaders and Others.

I work in a people development business so on a daily basis I work with various personalities with varied skill sets, abilities and attitudes. I have over a decade worked with people from various backgrounds and nationalities and developed people into leadership roles.

In a work environment, people can be broadly categorised into two types:

Type-1: Leaders

Type-2: Others

I don’t want to bracket ‘Others’ as non-leaders or people who lack leadership ability but they haven’t developed the qualities and EQ of a leader yet. But I do believe, with the right coaching, guidance and in the right environment they can develop the qualities of leaders and can be equally successful.

Between leaders and others, there is a marked difference vis-à-vis skills, attitudes and behavioural patterns. I have noticed the difference in the way they deal with people and situations.

Here I have listed 5 major differences between these two types of people:


Leaders invest in self development:

They invest time, money and effort in making a better version of them selves. They understand their strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

They allocate 30-60 minutes a day for this activity as they understand developing personal skills is the key to developing and influencing others.


Don’t show much interest in self development:

They are too busy with other stuff, family, friends, work, weekend activities etc.

They find no time for self development as it’s not a priority.

They find every excuse in the book for why they don’t have the time for self-development.


Work on development of team members:

They identify talents in their team members and nurture and harness that talent.

They inspire confidence in people with their actions as well as words. They set a good example for people around them.


Are selfish:

Everything they do is for their own career development and progression. They don’t appreciate and recognise talents in others. They are critical of other people’s work and discourage them.


Create more leaders:

They empower people, help them work and hone their skills. They also let them learn from their mistakes and guide them through challenging times.

They understand the importance of creating success in the team as it breeds more success. They trust people, bet on them and take chances.


They are the leaders:

They shy away from giving people responsibility and independence. They criticise people when things go wrong and always take credit for successes.


It’s about their people:

They are people centred; it’s not about them but about their people. They don’t try to please everyone but they get the best out of the team.

They weed out weaklings and negative influences on their team.


It’s me me me:

It’s all about them and their achievements. They try to please people and be on everyone's good books. They tolerate bad influences. They don’t give people the space to grow and develop. They take all final decisions.


They take pride in themselves. They have self respect but are not egotistical.

They are humble about their achievements.


It’s ego all the way. They are egotistical, get offended easily and hold grudges and preconceived notions about other people.

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